Information on Estonian Visa

 Our Consulate in Bangkok has not commenced the issuance of visas as yet. You may apply visa to enter Estonia in any Estonian Embassies in numerous cities such as Tokyo (Japan), Beijing (China), Helsinki (Finland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Vienna (Austria), Moscow (Russia), etc.

 The closest Embassies to Thailand are in Tokyo (Japan) and Beijing (China). Usually it takes approximately 7 days to process a visa and the cost is about EUR20. However, if you plan to travel to Estonia via Helsinki or Stockholm you may be able to collect your visa in one day if all required documents are sent to Helsinki or Stockholm in advance.  However, you are required to bring all original documents when you collet the visa.  The cost for a single entry is approximately EUR20 and EUR30 for a multiple entry visa. 

 The applicant of a tourist visa shall mail the following required documents to the embassy in Helsinki or Stockholm:


- an original visa application form (you can download from

- photocopy of the entire passport (all pages) with at least 3 months validity after the expiration of the required visa period and the passport must contain at least 2 blank pages

- one coloured photograph

- a voucher from a travel agent confirming the payment of travel and lodging services in Estonia

- a health insurance policy valid in Estonia with a coverage of at least EUR10,000 for the entire duration of stay in Estonia.

- required proof of cash, travelerís cheques or credit card that will cover the cost for staying. 


Information about the embassiesí addresses and visa application form can be found and printed out from the following address:


It is no longer possible for tourists to apply for an on arrival visa at Tallinn Airport or any other boarder check points of Estonia.



Consulate of the Republic of Estonia, Bangkok
May 01, 2004